Monday, December 3, 2012

Gifting and trips and the like

What's happening guys?

Let's see what's going on...

Bought Mike's Christmas gift, but may return it, as I have several other good leads and ideas based on shopping with him this weekend.

We are going to go to NY from the 18th to 21 of the month, then to his hometown through Christmas Eve. I jet back to Cali on Christmas Eve for Christmas con la familia y entonces un viaje a Vegas con mi familia. When I arrive back we are jetting off to Texas to do a roadtrip from Texas/Oklahoma to Cali.

My birthday is right after we get back. I would love to do a dinner at Mike's with my friends like Gonzo, Sissy, The Guy and his BF, Mike's friends J&B. Or maybe go to a nice restaurant. Maybe go to brunch at the fancy hotel nearby. A surprise party may be cool.

It is going pretty well. I have another observation sometime in the next 2 weeks, most likely this week. Fingers crossed hoping it goes well. Please don't come into 9th period.

Moving in.
I paid my first bill living in Mike's house tonight - the water bill.

My leg, my supposed torn meniscus, turned torn ligaments, then shin splints are still undiagnosed - going to pester the doctor for an MRI. Physical therapist determined therapy wasn't working and referred me to orthopedics. Need to make an appointment with them.

For my medically inclined friends, I have a popping still in my knee. After a day of standing I have what feels like a pulling pain in the muscles below my knee along the inside and outside of my leg. It can occur on either leg. Shin splints? No sé.

Elex Michaelson just came on ABC7. This fool can't tell a story to save his life. He also needs a haircut. And a nose job. I'm waiting for Robert Holguin to come on before I can go to bed. Robert does it for me.

In Flo Rida's video he seems like he is trying too hard here.


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Aek said...

Doesn't really sound like shin splints? Could be patellofemoral syndrome? An MRI would be helpful, yes. Have you tried wearing knee braces to prevent your knees from moving around too much? I can't remember if you've already said that.

Anonymous said...

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dan said...

HEY FRIEND! I leave the 19th so we'll have to see what sort of chance there is of seeing you in big bad NYC!! I'll have to email you about where are you plan to go/see/do. ha I'm going to take it chill and not too planned this time around prolly.
one more thing, ugh I hate the name Flo rida.. ha ha.