Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Domestic Partnership or Wedding - for now

Let me explain. We had happy hour celebrating my finally being off for Spring Break at the fish restaurant. While there we talked to the bartender whose brother is gay and having his gay wedding. We discussed how one day we will do that, but not now. He emphasized one day. I asked him about that later, and he said it was because he had debt. He said that he didn't want me to be burdened by his debt if something were to happen, and having a DP makes me responsible for his debts now. He would rather us both enter into a partnership without debts. And I'm ok with that. I dislike debt. And we're still committed and happy with one another.


fan of casey said...

OK, as a finance guy/CPA I understand the logic, but unless the amount is a huge burden, couldn't there be a compromise? You have student loan debt too, so you can take on each other's assets and liabilities. Start thinking about meshing your finances, because that is a cause of a lot of relationship problems. He must have assets to service the debt, he makes a great living and you guys spend a lot on vacations.

Anonymous said...
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fan of casey said...

Wedding video for you:

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Aek said...

Hmm debt . . . by that logic, no med student/doctor would ever marry, lol. Understandable though.

Nicholas said...

Is there really no legal way out of that? Seems like for every legal rule, there's about 10 loopholes. I also don't know why that should be a hang up, unless the amount is steep.

Mind Of Mine said...

There are contracts you can enter into, which in the case of one part of a union dying, that the debts don't automatically transfer. In the style of a pre-nup.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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