Monday, September 9, 2013

Twerking it...

Nope... I don't have any competition on Miley, but speaking of working your ass, I am giving P90X a whirl. I cannot complete the full hour of some of those crazy CDs, but I did do the 20 minute ab buster yesterday and 20 minutes of plyometrics today. Hey, I was sweating and tired by then, and 20 minutes is better than none, right? So I figure I'll do a little different bit of the workout each day, try a new CD, see what happens.

So I found a really good deal on a Prius C- $4,000 off on a 2013. Debating about buying... could get $8500 for my car leaving about $12 to finance, which isn't terrible. Its the top of the line with those funky vinyl seats, navigation, HD radio, and touch key ignition. Could also wait and see what my partner does when his lease is up, and we could go for 1 car, or get something more fancy smancy.

Shaved my chest and pec area last night since it seems to bother my BF. Did it laying in the bathtub... haha

Went to dinner with The Guy and his BF last weekend at the steakhouse, was fun, enjoyed it, lots of good talk and wine and food.

Saw Kesha in concert Saturday night. She's one crazy girl, she was fun, we had a lot to drink, and it was good. Lots of wine.

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