Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Material Needs

I like to look good, and there's a lot of money that goes toward that. One has to have all of the perfect clothes and accessories. Unfortunately that costs a lot of money... here's what I'm looking at these days... my Mike's Autumn must haves... for when I get paid.

Cole Haan oxfords - preppy is always in    and chestnut with red is just sexyness

An orange belt, because why not spice it up with a little color?

Because $250 Cole Haans are just too much...   I have an all blue pair that is HAWT beyond words. Always get tons of complements when I wear them.

And I need a watch to outfit the mix. But can I justify spending such a price on a watch? I like the sexy simplicity of this watch, but don't know how to justify spending that.

Can't go wrong with a pair of bootcut 517s

And I love this blazer. My boyfriend just bought me one.

I also plan on investing in some fun argyle and pattern socks when I get my paycheck. Stat. It can't come soon enough.


fan of casey said...

Haha, you have so much shoes and clothes already -- why do you need more? I get it, it's not a need, it's a want. :-)

PS: I like patterned socks too -- solid colors are just too boring.

RB said...

Cole-Haan's are top notch....maybe there will be a sale?