Thursday, December 19, 2013

Partying it up

Spent the better part of the month partying when I wasn't working.

Well, when I was working I was dealing with a bunch of crazy stuff. I had the Dept. of Corrections test this past weekend to be a corrections officer.

Also signed up to teach in the prisons.

And applying at local colleges.

My cousin's wedding shower was last weekend too. It was great seeing all the family. Great food, and some bonding time with my cousins who live nearby. Mike and I are making plans to get together with them.

The weekend before we did a massive housecleaning for all my teacher friends to come over. It was only going to be just English teachers, but ended up inviting a few others. Wish I had invited M and B. Next time. We had such a blast. Started off the night with a cheese plate, jalapeƱo poppers, then had chili, bread, and all sorts of cookies for desserts. Wine and cheese was wonderful. Had such a blast.

Going to a drag Christmas party at The Guy's tomorrow. Trying to plan a weekend trip with him and Rob.

Going to the work Christmas party too tomorrow.

We went to happy hour yesterday after work to celebrate the kids being gone - today was a teacher work day. OMG. So fun. M and I sang Christmas carols. My sissy was there too- first happy hour she went to this year. We celebrated our favorite lesbian getting engaged. Everyone thinks it is beyond time for Mike and I to tie the knot, and they all want to have a party for us.

We had our first pep rally at school this past week. Was soooo fun. I was in 2 scenes - teachers performed to Beyonce's Single Ladies and Can't Touch This with B. B is my favorite guy. He seriously is so fun. He's a former police guy, great rapport with the kids, big supporter of me and my sexuality (his dad is gay).

That's what's going on in my world. What's going on in yours?


fan of casey said...

Check your email, I sent you a message.

Sounds like a good end to the semester before winter break.

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Aek said...

Woah, always a lot of stuff going on with ya. Corrections officer eh? That's interesting. :-P