Thursday, December 5, 2013


Decided to do a cooking survey...

1. How good of a cook are you?

I'm a good cook. My food turns out edible. I have realized after watching all of these "Top Chef" shows, and my BF, that my cooking needs to be more adventurous, and I should not be scared to try new things.

2. Who taught you how to cook? 

My mother, when I was 4 years old.

3. Who does the cooking in your home?

My BF usually most nights because he thinks his cooking is superior to mine... he thinks everything he does is superior to me.

4. Do you cook more or eat out more?

We only eat out 2 or so nights a week, sometimes more if it is just one of those days we need to get out. 

5. Are you more of a cook or dessert maker?

Cook... I can do a nice fudge and brownie, though. 

6. What was your worst/funniest cooking moment? 

When my BF gave me non gluten shit to cook and make some cake, and didn't have half the ingredients, then wonders why it doesn't turn out. 

Funniest would be when I was about 5 making breakfast for my parents.

7. What's your best dish?

My grandma's pork chops, my pork chop, anything with chicken... hmmm. Oh, I have a great enchilada recipe. I like to cook Mexican food.

8. Is revenge a dish best served cold? 

Yes... sometimes it just makes you feel better. 

9. Is the best way to a man's heart truly through his stomach?  

Yep... just look at my waist. 

Have you made whoopee in the kitchen? Which foods have you used to spice up your love life?

Nope... and there aren't any foods to spice up my love life.

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fan of casey said...

Make cookies for your students, even though many are too rascally to deserve them. You might entice them into a more cooperative mood.