Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why listen?

Can I say I strongly loathe my sister? Ugh. She drives me crazy. She is so naive.

So um. We're at dinner tonight as a family, and the conversation was all about sister know it all.

So let me update you on sis, since I know its been months. She had dropped out of her masters program because she didn't want to write a thesis, but reenrolled because she was bored. She got her masters in like May or something.

So... um... just because she got a piece of paper she's still as stupid as before, and that's pretty stupid.

So... she got 2 dogs a few months ago, there was a whole runaway incident and only 1 came back, so she adopted a new one. So... um... the reason the little one was lost, and this was the cute one, was because sis didn't believe in putting a block in the fence so it could avoid getting out.

Um... the dumb one, the big one, Josefina, wtf type of name is that btw? Josepfina is allowed in the house, and no other dog has been before. Josefina climbs on everything - furniture, couch, and on people. My sister claims it is just the way dogs act. Um. I'm sorry, dumb shit, no they don't. Dogs need to be trained. She claims they don't because they're a part of nature.

So dumb shit sister was mad at me a few weeks back because I was home visiting my parents when Josefina climbs up on me while I'm laying on the couch. She nearly lands on my laptop computer. I slap the dog and pick it up by its collar, then throw her outside in the yard. My sister came in the room at the time I was throwing the dog out, and yelled at me because I wouldn't want to be treated the way I just treated the dog, then slugged me as hard as she could in the back. I was about to slap back, but my sister probably would have called the cops.

So time for Christmas, she got mad at me because I bought her dog training courses. She was in tears because I bought her such a bad gift, it wasn't a gift for her, it was for the dog. Also, it was wrong because dogs are a part of nature and should not be trained. Why did i only buy the trainings for 1 dog? She said the dog listens to her, you just have to know how to talk to it.

So... we will fast forward to her school stuff now.

So... she got hired teaching at the local community college... what? Why did I not get hired? She is only teaching 1 class, a basic intro class into speech. She claims she has the highest ratings of any professor ever. She said that she had high reviews from students and her faculty reviewer. Um. I doubt that. Everything on says otherwise.

She talks about the kids tell her how hot she is - my sister is far from it- and everyone I talk to, friends and family included tell me she's not hot. She dresses like a preteen, wears sweatsuits, has unnaturally straight hair that she straights with the dumb iron, and is all acne-eed out.

So... she talks nonstop about how great the kids think she is, and how considerate she is.

She talks about how my parents and I don't know how to teach because we're only secondary teachers. She talks about how she has only good kids. Um. Doubtful.

So... her class is also the most popular because she has a wait list. I informed her it is probably because it is a required class that kids have to take to transfer to a CSU school. She said its not true and kids are talking to her to teach more classes. Um. Doubtful.

So now I've got my frustrations out...

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Aek said...

Man, she gets to you good! I can't believe your parents let her talk way about them to their faces.