Thursday, February 6, 2014

Some thinking thoughts

Work has sucked lately. Going to blog about a few things on my mind in no random order to get it off my chest...

had to go to several poverty trainings since it was decided i was teaching the staff about that - i know more than most of the presenters - and I see the conditions in the community I work, and what I hear from the students

I know poverty is all about relationships - you stick up for those around you, and it is all about backing them, even when they're in the wrong

TV is the babysitter, and yes, they all have big screen tv's that are the entertainment. when a parent is working hours and hours on end, it is one surefire way to make sure the kid is at home and doing something, so that also goes into game consoles etc.

Abuse does happen sometimes - and kids sometimes try to shadow it from their parents

Unhealthy foods like candy bars etc. are often treats. when you have several kids, etc., you're in a store, and they want something, you might not be able to afford the super expensive toy for your kid, and that brings on guilt, so little things like candy, when they want it, and you get it, helps make you feel more secure, and like you are doing something for your kid

have a new administrator who is a complete asshole. I can do no right. it is bordering on harassment, and i will be reporting it to the union. criticizing me telling me i have no management (everyone else thinks otherwise), quick to point out any fault, harassing me about taking a long time to get to my classroom in the morning (am on crutches and have duty) to let kids in

so yes, i'm on crutches because i tore a calf muscle, have a torn meniscus, and lots of bruising

my sister continues to be stupid - i refuse to visit my parents when she is around

wanting more and more to buy a house to rent out, as well as a new car, and do a few additions to our house... money... never have enough of it

i have found the best new moisturizing product ever - argan oil

Get to go visit my best friend this month and see his little one... so excited!!!!

want a luxury car at that - even cpo - certified pre owned - it is not like i'm driving a lot now, and i don't plan to hold onto it after it hits 100k. sure it costs a little more, but its about the thrill of driving as far as I'm concerned. my partner thinks otherwise. we have his old luxury suv deal, his convertible, and my fuel efficient car. we have talked about going more fuel efficient - prius like - but part of me wants a luxury car - i feel like i should be moving up - not staying the same and also not compartmentalizing myself into something

my car could get about $6-7k right now. its nearly at 100k, so needs about $300 for the tune up and then about $450 in other work. so i would be putting $750 in a car that i'm going to keep for another year. i don't like that idea. dang cars being expensive.

got to go see country singer dolly last month. she was amazing. she was so affable and we ran into her a couple times prior to the show

have a few more divas planned this year like reba and cher

need a massage badly - i have been having lots of neck and shoulder knots,a nd my hands have been tensing up and developing knots. it perplexes the therapist why/where they come from, and i am at a loss. it hurts and times where i can't make a fist. my regular doc just dismissed it saying it was probably some movement i was making

i'm watching eyewitness news now, and omg, elex michaelson drives me crazy. i swear, i don't know why he is a lead reporter. i'm not sure he can tell a complete story, or even one that is unbiased. oh, and he has a creepy look. he needs to go.  sure hope he doesn't replace john hartung on the weekend broadcast - i will not be able to watch. rob hayes is hard to watch also, and is only worthy of a reporter. he seems uncomfortable on the anchor desk, regardless of how many times he fills in.

my anxiety has been acting up. no bueno. i hate it. it makes some days tough.


Buddy Bear said...

Your muscle pains are caused by all your stress at work.... especially that which comes from your administrator. I absolutely guarantee it!

Aek said...

Wow, lots of things going on! I hope some of it has started to settle a bit by now. Sorry to hear about your leg, always something. :-/ As for the muscle pains, it could be the result of many things (including stress). Email/text me if you want to talk about it more. From your brief description, I can say it's unlikely to be an arthritis, haha.