Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Such a busy few weeks

Such a busy few weeks.
Let's break it down.

15 hour days suck. Up by 7:30, head to gym, run errands, do things around the house. Work and then to visit my mom who is in the hospital. She's been in hospital for past week with her 2nd hip replacement. She isn't making a great recovery - this was much more invasive the 2nd time around. She's in a rehab center right now. Arrive home about 10:30 each night.

I did get to see Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan, and Lee Brice in concert. Lee Brice pleasantly surprised me. I loved those pants Luke Bryan had that showed everything. I could see his red waistband to his underwear at many points, which was totally hot. Went with our favorite bartender.

Sold my iPad. Decided I never use it. Didn't get much.

Had my formal observation nat work today. Think it went well.

Spent the weekend out in Palm Desert which was nice.

Was about to buy some personal training sessions at the gym, but they require you to sign up for a year at $45 a session. I negotiated it down to $30, but then they wanted to add a $200 initiation fee, and well, screw them. I wanted some motivation to lose a few pounds and tone my chest. Maybe get back into my 29s. I had been making pretty good progress.

You know what bothers me about jeans? I am wearing Levis 559s right now. I liked the 514s, but they started making them differently or something, or maybe my package got bigger. I hate jeans that squeeze my package, and I felt that's what they were doing.

Hopng for tons of rain. Soon. Hopefully.

No plans for Halloween. Will dress up at the house.

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