Thursday, November 6, 2014

Revolutionary Idea

Tie welfare checks parents receive to their child's performance in school.

Parents receive welfare checks on many condition - one is that their children go to school.

I work in one of the most impoverished counties in the nation - let me tell you - I hear what the kids say - I see it on a daily basis inside my class and outside in the community, tie those checks to welfare benefits, and those kids would be busting those arses. That would create a more educated workforce in the future and better citizens.

Obviously I could never run for office.


Anonymous said...

I hear this from my partner all the time! He's an ESE teacher in a Title 1 school in Florida.

fan of casey said...

When you add up all the benefits some of these people receive, then you can see why work is a disincentive. Its not just welfare, it's free (or minimal cost) healthcare, housing assistance, food stamps, etc.

I'm all for social programs to aid the aged and disabled. These people can n o longer work. But able bodied persons should not be permanently receiving aid.

I've done some work with public housing. In Hawaii there is no time limit once you get approved for housing. Therefore there's a huge waiting list, because transitional housing has become permanent.

When there was a preliminary discussion about limiting housing to 5 years, current tenants came out to testify. There was one woman who said the proposal was unfair because she wanted her unit to be passed on down to her kids. Umm hello! You're a tenant, you don't own the unit. You can't pass it down.