Thursday, November 20, 2014

Today Show vs. GMA

So I'm a morning news junkie. We know that. Often, when Mike is gone I'm up at 4am watching the KTLA Morning News as it comes on, flipping over to Alysha and Garth on ABC7 because the weather and traffic gal just make my morning.

I didn't watch the Today Show until high school. Matt and Katie. I enjoyed them. Al was whatever. Meredith was great too. I would always flip back and forth between that and GMA. I liked Charlie and Diane, then Diane and Robin.

After Meredith left I was solely an ABC watcher. George Stephanopolous, Robin Roberts, Josh Elliott, and Sam Champion had such great chemistry together, and were fun to watch. After Josh left it became hard to watch. Bringing Michael Strahan on? That was jumping the shark. He is tough to watch. He doesn't fit into my morning. He's not a news guy. I can somewhat stand Lara. I still watch GMA or CBS. CBS does real news, and I like that.

GMA continues to drive me crazy. Amy Robach has zero personality and Ginger Zee has her moments. I was hoping that Juju Chang or Bil Weir would be on in mornings. I remember when Bil Weir used to be in LA. Loved watching him, he's a looker, and great sense of humor. GMA I feel needs someone with a little more personality in there to read the news in the mornings.

Savannah Guthrie is imposible to watch. I was hoping after all these rumors that have come up over the past few days about the radical changes at the Today Show were true. Willie Geist would be gone. He's tough to watch. Here's the changes I would make

7-9am - Matt and Tamron Hall, Natalie Morales reading the news
9-10 - Natalie Morales and Josh Elliott, or Josh would be great reading the news on the 7-9am
10-11 - Hoda and Kathie, you can't separate them, they remind me it is ok to drink wine before noon.

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