Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My 10 Year Reunion

My 10Yr HS reunion was this past Saturday.

At first I was hesitant to go - everyone I wanted to see was not attending. It was organized solely via facebook, and all but about 80 kids in my class of 578 were on the facebook group. People kept posting they couldn't come, and even people that were random acquaintances/friends who it would have been nice to see.

I decided to go anyway. I knew the turnout would be low. There were like 50 of us, which seemed pretty good in the facebook age.

When I got there I was able to blend in with Jenn and her friends. We talked a few minutes and then I was forced to go interact with one of the Mike's. He was friendly. We semi hugged, then talked about work. I shared what I was up to, as did he. We talked about our families. We were civil toward each other and continued to be cordial each time we interacted through the night. We are not friends, but we are facebook friends again... lol. I think we both have grown up and menial things don't matter.

Walked around and chatted groups of people I never even interacted with - Britt. N and her friend. A few more like my neighbor, Lindsay and her friend Carrie. Also talked to Addisson a lot - he has changed - lost tons of weight and looked good.

There was dinner and cheap drinks. No one got trashed. There was beer pong, but the cups were filled with water. The 2 girls that put it on did a great job.

Met up with the lesbian and her friends. The lesbian is a girl who was obviously lesbian and wore a suit to prom. She was always very sweet to me, but we connected even more this weekend. We went to the after party at a nearby bar, and my partner came along. She and him were getting along great. My partner didn't want to go with me because we probably didn't have to much to say given we have only been out of school 10 years, he decided most of my high school friends were white trash, and he never went to his reunion, so didn't want to go to mine.

Some random observations - based on the cars in the parking lot I had one of the nicest there. Everyone smokes... Will, Addisson, Spencer, Lindsay, and lots more. Maybe its just social... who knows. Outside of Will I am one of the more successful people there. He is probably making upward of 6 figures doing engineering for a major SoCal company. I have much more credentials than the teacher friends I have around here, and have a more established career. Its crazy how even people we didn't interact with we can still be civil with. What a difference 10 years makes...

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