Friday, November 20, 2015

Bringing you and me up to date

What's been going down?

- Craziness - lots of extra hours (thankfully I'm getting paid)
- Lots of issues with the community at hand and the issues are coming onto our campus
- Getting good admin practice

- FINALLY - A MONTH LONG BREAK, then class resumes again in January
- Going to use this month to get all my fieldwork done

- Something every weekend until the first weekend of the year... yay!!! Travel!!!

Black Friday:
- Nothing is catching my eye... yet.
- I will probably be at the hospital with my cousin visiting her newborn baby.

My partner:
- He's great, he's working a little and I'm working a lot
- He has dinner ready for me when I get home, and I couldn't be more thankful

- Getting my name out there. At a conference right now in a boring session. I am sitting at the back typing this. Learning tons of cool new things to try in my classroom - unfortunately all of these will take time.
- Was asked to present at a state conference soon, which is another good way to get my name out there

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