Monday, November 2, 2015

Keeping up events

Usually I am the friend in contact with everyone - always messaging asking what's up. I did it all through undergrad, graduate, and now my 2nd graduate credential I seem to be slacking.

I am fine with that. My partner is now our social coordinator - not that he wasn't before - I just went with the flow, but he knows the what and is making the plans with all our friends. I'm the person suddenly that takes hours to respond to a text. It is kind of interesting. I appreciate the random texts/hellos I get from friends who notice I am incommunicado.

We've got some good times coming up -
- Last weekend we were in the desert visiting some friends of my partner's
- This past weekend we were in LA and spent the night there for a flight my partner had this morning. Had a nice brunch yesterday.
- We've got something planned nearly every weekend for the forseeable future.

Honestly I am loving the travel, it is just what I need to keep me sane. It provides an escape.

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