Sunday, January 10, 2016

Vacation is over

This vacation was pretty incredible if I do say so myself...

- Hung out with my cousin in San Diego
- Had a good time with the family on Christmas Eve
- It was incredibly hard to not be with my family Christmas Day, but being with my partenr's family made up for it
- Met some of his extended family I hadn't
- Spent some time in Atlantic City
- Went to Puerto Rico
- Spent my birthday on a cruise ship, which was the greatest thing... had an amazing wine pairing with each course of my French birthday dinner
- Met a cool older couple from Florida and wife was originally from Jersey. His birthday was same as mine
- Even did some schoolwork... last class in my credential program... and potentially the most boring... ethics...

So that's a rundown here... other than work will be a new experience tomorrow... that's another blog post... trying to wind down...

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