Monday, December 21, 2015

Still can't stand her

Spent the afternoon with my parents... and sister... focusing on my sister because I'm here at their house and she is driving me hella crazy.

- Parents needed to leave the house by 1 - my dad goes in to tell my sister and she barks at him that he should friggin' know she was doing her hair
- In the car my sister wanted "to go play with planes." Are we 5?
- My sister talks like an old woman... this pothole wasn't here last week
- She kept talking about different happenings like it was 100 years ago
- My sister tutors her students in math... where does she find the time in three 50 minute classes per week?
- My sister loves her students. She brought them cider so they could have a party, as well as baked cookies, brought chips, cookies, and more.
- My sister has convinced so many students to take statistics because she is such a great tutor
- My sister was putting down my dad because he said he hated Algebra. She said that statistics and Algebra are the easiest subjects. I remember many nights she spent crying taking Algebra because she didn't get it, or know what was going on. I remember her going to tutoring for that for hours on end just to make sure she would pass the class.
- My sister was telling how easy calculus was... she never took calculus. In high school she went as far as Algebra II, then in college she went up to College Algebra and took several statistics classes.
- I called my sister out on this and she said that I didn't know, I hadn't been there with her, I don't pay attention to her, and I have no right challenging her


Michael Dodd said...

God/the Universe/the Flying Spaghetti Monster [take you pick] gave us relatives to teach us how not to behave.

Aek said...

Breathe and walk away. :-)