Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The good stuff

So... time to be all over...

- Officially have a fully funded emergency fund. Woo!
- Working toward a down payment on a rental house.
- Had a good weekend at a conference for alternative ed, which was great. Lots of new ideas to help our school structurally, which I'm hopeful to share with a new leader.
- Off most of next week using my comp days for all of my extra duties. So excited.
- Planning for my partner's birthday - he knows about it, but doesn't know where, and doesn't know who is showing up
- Got a trip planned to the Big D, Dallas, next month to visit my best friend and attend a conference
- Got a Vegas trip planned
- A European trip planned too


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Anonymous said...

Did someone say VEGAS? haha, you know I love Vegas (this is "closet", long time no talk).
Hope your well.