Friday, April 22, 2016

A little bit of everything

So... the GarthFather is back in the AM on CBS2. Finally. I enjoy him - they don't give him enough to show his fun personality, there, though.

Meanwhile, Bri continues to be frumpy on KABC 7.

Bri is less FrumpY here. This was yesterday morning. I just can't stand her. I literally turn the channel, see what is going on, and then wait until Alysha comes on to get my traffic. Alysha wears whatever she has on well. She is smart, she loves her Waze.

Jessica Holmes on KTLA is just as annoying as Bri. I can't watch KTLA beginning at 7. Jessica doesn't seem LA at all.

And let's talk about Ginger Chan. I picture Ginger Chan a lot like me, try to be relatable, personable, and connect with whatever was being talked about as she segues into traffic. She just gets on my nerves at times. I do like Ginger because she has worked her way up over the years - Filling in for Chuck Street, working weekends at KFI doing news, and now this.

This is probably just a KTLA thing - she always seem so distant from the rest of the anchors because she is over in her traffic center and has no communication really with them. It is kind of weird.

I really love Greg Gory on ALT 987 - the morning traffic reporter on the Woody Show. He's a Log Cabin Republican, and many of his views, are things I agree on. He has an interesting story. I'm listening more to the Woody Show these days than Valentine, and I love me some Sean Valentine.

So there's lots going on at work - I know - you're tired of hearing it.

The cool stuff about work is I am so much more confident about using my Spanish en mi clase despu├ęs mi viaje a Mexico during Spring Break. I am now conducting my entire Spanish class en Espanol. In mis conversaciones diarios I am using my Spanglish.

I had some asshole come into my class today - I'd never seen him before. After like 10 minutes of me talking - I was talking in Englihs only since this was day 1, then he goes, "this is Spanish?" I said it is. He said "oh hell no, not no white guy is gonna teach me some Spanish." I said this white buy knows more than you. He told me he was not going to do anything for me, he was going to screw around, and "not no white bitch boy is going to teach him Spanish." He then went on that I'm arrogant, I'm a bitch, and "he doesn't like white bitches." I asked if he was harassing me because "me gusta escribir referrals," and sent the ass out on a referral.

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