Thursday, June 16, 2016

10 years of blogging

I guess my blog is about 10 years old - that's according to Dan in OKC. Met up with him last week.

So here's what's been going on.

School ended, the following Tuesday I headed to the DFW. Such a good time. I went to see my best friend, invited DaninOKC, and went to a teaching conference. So I had a night to myself where I went to Round Up in Dallas. Had a blast. Good country music.

Next day was the conference at an AMAZING high school - this school had everything - I was so jealous. I had a great time learning new things, networking, and enjoying a change of scenery. Second day of the conference was equally good. Thursday night DaninOKC drove down. As he said, we chatted in my room at the hotel, then headed to dinner. Dan was nice enough to appease me and go back to Cedar Springs for a bar called JR's, which had a great patio. Had a few drinks, then headed back to the hotel. It was great to swap stories about work, hear about his college kids, talk about guys, his gardening, and random chitchat. I'm glad he stayed with me since it was nice to have the company and get some sleep. That was the only night I got sleep while in the DFW. Dan is just a nice guy overall, easygoing, into shoes, clothes, and so it made for a great night.

Dan took off in the early AM and I headed to my best friend's house after hitting the fabric store for an art set for his son's birthday. Went to Joe T Garcia's for lunch and had that everclear margarita. We talked a lot about work and what we are both doing specifically. We went to dinner at Root Burger near North East Mall. His kids were all over me and loved me, which was great. They were such well behaved kids at the restaurants. We went back to the house, put the kids to bed, had 32 oz. fuzzy navels. Good times. Met the family back at 11am and we got ready for lunch. Went to McAlister's sandwiches, his wife had green tea for the first time, then went to put the kids to nap. Watched as my friend finished his patio pavers and chatted. Dinner was chicken enchiladas. Friends of theirs came over for his son's birthday party and we watched an episode of Veggie Tales. It was great to reconnect with my friend and his family. He's one of those we can hang out and its like time hasn't passed.

Had an early AM flight to Vegas. Barely made it. Barely. Stupid rental car shuttle didn't drop me off at terminal E like I expected. Shuttle driver was nice and took me. Made it with about 10 minutes to spare. Had a slight delay in Denver before making it to Vegas. Spent the day with my partner and his coworker. Did dinner wtih all his coworkers in the PM. Monday I went to the mall, walked the strip. We did dinner at Giada's, which was amazing. Tuesday was good - much of same and dinner at Gordon Ramsay's, which was terrible. Terrible food, service, and lying about the drinks being ordered from the bar. Yesterday we did brunch buffet, then outlets, and dinner at Rio poker bar/American bar. Home today. Great start to the summer!!!

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