Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Committments

Been working hard at the gym - proud of myself - about 30 minutes of weights, 30 minutes of cardio. Committed to an hour at the gym each time I go this summer. I've noticed good results.

Also been into yoga. I was reintrigued when my partner's best friend came and was telling how great it was, then as we were fooling around (not like that, she's a girl!) she told me how I needed yoga because I have next to no flexibility. Leaning over and touching my toes is hard. Sit and reach is worse. I found an app that I gel with - it is fast paced - and not all about relaxing. Because honestly, I find yoga anything but relaxing. I like that I can do it while watching TV. I like that I am noticing some improvement in flexibilty.

Hung out with my parents yesterday and today. Went to their house yesterday, then out to lunch today. Good times. Went to a Mexican place. Yum.

My mom is recovering from a hip replacement and its not going well. She's not really that mobile.

I find myself obsessed with The Woody Show on 98.7 - I like all the DJs and find myself listening to the podcast at the gym since I am arriving at the gym after they end during the summer. I find music doesn't do it for me at the gym. I need someone talking to me distracting me from what I am doing. Greg Gory is my fav. Woody and Ravey are next. Sebas is fun too. I like Menace's voice too. Throwback Thursday and the Friday Turn Up are fun.

One of my new fav's I heard on 98.7.

Right now life has calmed down, so I am making plans with a bunch of friends. Remember Foot Fetish? We have come closer than we have been in in a while, and we are trying to have him and his partner over Friday. He has been with him 4 years. I went to FF's birthday last night.

So wish I could go to the big ed tech conference next week. Money got in the way. Boo.

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