Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Palm Springs Bar Suggestions

Hi guys,

Sissy (coworker, used to call Tagalong) and I get to go to a conference out in the desert. SO EXCITED. It is just she and I. We, of course, will have the evenings free. We need to find a good watering hole.

I have my favorite eateries out there, so in the eating department we are good.

I "know" of places, but have never been to many. We are open to any area in the desert from Palm Springs out to Palm Desert. We want a place where we can dance, a younger crowd, straight or gay bar is good; and it is a Monday and Tuesday night. Is there such venue?

I know Toucans, and Toucans is fun, but mostly older. Any thoughts to help sissy and I out?

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