Thursday, October 4, 2012

iPhone 5

1. What kind of smart phone do you have?
the new iPhone 5

2. Necessity, accessory or my right arm?
Necessity and accessory - I like to stay in contact, I like to be in the know with news, etc... and who can't resist a sexy iPhone in their hand, and a white one at that?

3. Top three favorite apps?
Pandora, Facebook, Yelp

4. How much do you use your smart phone for calling, texting and data (email, games, movies)?
WWF is a daily thing. 
Calling is important too. 
Texting - not a fan, but you send me one and I'll send you one back
And internet right in your hands? Sign me up.

5. Phone sex? Sextxting? Hookup apps?
Uh... no.

6. Has your smart phone replaced your camera?
Nope, only when I don't have one nearby

It's 3 am. You're in trouble. What's the trouble and who do you call?
My BF or The Guy, then my parents. 

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