Monday, October 22, 2012

Lots of functions

Work functions have kept me busy.

Weekend before last I was chaperoning a football game. I missed out on a party with Mike, and J&B because we got home much later than anticipated.

Did get to see the space shuttle at like midnight in the middle of LA streets. Surreal.

Spent the past weekend in Laughlin, and will never go back. Old people. Bikers. Texans.

Booked every weekend between now and the end of the year including:
- Dinner with friends
- Home visits at school
- Tim and Faith weekend in Vegas
- Vegas con mi familia
- Wine tasting in NorCal
- Weekend in PS

Another work function in the desert

Doing a business dinner with Mike this week, where I get to be the poster-boyfriend

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fan of casey said...

Make that "trophy" BF -- he wants to show you off.