Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Snippets from my life

1. Tagalong made me feel better by calling me at 10:30p.m. tonight asking if I could help her with a project, and in the process just calmed my nerves, and reassured me she is fighting for me to have the same prep as I did this year.

2. Lunch with Blondie is always fun - and we can mostly manage to not talk about school even!

3. Olive Garden twice in one day is sometimes good.

4. Jack Off Buddy's expertise has been interesting, especially with his insights about the dreams I've been having about work.

5. I have found my dream small car - if I were rich.

6. I found some really cool t-shirts on Nordstrom's website that have pictures of popular literary works on clearance that I'm tempted to buy, but can't bring myself to spend that amount. And there's even phone cases to match!

7. I start physical therapy soon for my leg - it turns out there is something wrong - Kaiser misdiagnosed when I initially saw the doctor. The doctor only did an x-ray, but should have done an MRI as that si the only way a torn meniscus can be detected. My BF's friend encouraged me to ask about that, and sure enough. I start physical therapy for it soon.

8. The chiropractor is fun. He's cool to talk to, love a nice massage before being twisted and cracked in several different directions. My neck always feels so good after. The gal who I had last week who did my massage is on the verge of amazing. She found so many knots I didn't even know I had.


fan of casey said...

What kind of dreams have you been having? When I was stressed at work, I used to have a recurring dream about taking tests that I was not prepared for and wondering why I didn't plan things better.

Aek said...

A torn meniscus can also be diagnosed/suspected on physical exam (though it can be subtle). Sometimes insurance won't pay for an MRI without an X-ray and PT first though. Silly system.