Monday, January 21, 2013

A month long of trips

I feel like I haven't done a proper update - been out and about, and around.

Vegas Dec 26-28
After I got back from NYC I was home for 2 days, then took my parents to Vegas. I took them to see Jersey Boys. Sis went too. It was a tense trip, as they were indecisive, and didn't want to do anything I did. They had a great time, though.

Our Christmas, Dec 28
Opened our Christmas gifts to each other. I bought him a watch storage box and bath sheets. He bought me bath sheets, a jacket, and a Coach name tag holder

Vegas Dec 30-January 3
Went with Mike and we stayed at the Rio. Watched fireworks from atop their parking structure, ate some great food.

Returned to a tense time at work with a change in leadership, and I'm still dealing with that.

My Birthday
Celebrated my birthday at work. Sissy took me out to lunch. Then went home and Mike bought me a supply of liquor - whiskey, bitters, margarita mix, a new watch battery for my Diesel watch, and a super sweet card. Went to dinner at our favorite steakhouse where the food was impeccable. It was an old fashioned celebration, with a nice Manhattan and a grasshopper for dessert, along with a soufflé.

Day after woke up not feeling so great, but muddled through work. It wasn't the crazy night before - a bad stress headache and anxiety running amok.

Last weekend was spent with J&B at the horse racing track betting on horseys and losing money.

This past weekend we went up to Santa Barbara to try to visit Mike's cousin, but her dad was in the hospital, and so instead we went to Solvang, a Dutch town. Went wine tasting and olive oil tasting Saturday morning. Drove to Ventura and the outlets in the area. Headed home. Went to Joshua Tree National Park yesterday and found an amazing pizza place to eat at in Palm Desert.

This next weekend will be relaxing and preparing for his parent's to come.

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Anonymous said...

What's up? Wait, I'm reading about what's up! I didn't make it out to Vegas :( That's why I didn't get in touch with you. I should've gone, but didn't.

Hope your two trips to LV and holidays and New year's were muy bien.