Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hung out with The Guy and his bf. Spent the better part of a month tracking him down. It was good times and constant laughs from the time we walked in. Gave the Christmas presents we bought them - a thermos and wine aerator. We of course opened a bottle of wine and sat at the table in the kitchen talking about work, family, and clothes. I talked about clothes having to match and my dilemmas trying to match things. The 2 of them got the biggest kick out of this, and I showed pictures of some matches, and some horrible "matches." I told them I take pics of manikins in stores to figure out what matches, and this is what I was told. IT WAS HILARIOUS. I told them I'm very matchey-matchey since I will do like black on black, blue and blue. Tone on tone.

Judge for yourself...
Best comment from The Guy about this. SO AMUSING. "And you need a sweater to go over your blazer?" LMAO.

Oh, and they didn't buy my whole story I did purple and green myself yesterday.

We made plans to meet at the end of next month.


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