Friday, June 21, 2013

The Ring

Here it is. I tried posting it last time and guess it didn't work out. And we have matching ones.

In other news, hung out with The Guy and his partner the other day. He talked about how we need to at least have something to commemorate our domestic partnership as it is a way to affirm it in front of friends. I'm going to bring it up to my guy as I think it would be fun, but he's very low key. Maybe a neutral point? We were trying to think of our friends...

The Guy and Rob
Jack Off Buddy and his guy
J & B
Mike's coworker
Mike's cousin and aunt?
My cousin(s)/aunt/uncle - 1 to 6 of them
My sissy from work

We had a nice dinner The Guy and I ran to Trader Joes to make. Chatted about everything and anything with him and his man.

Also hung out with my cousin that I'm closest with and another more distant cousin, Marquel, whom I've never mentioned before. He's like 3 years younger and we never really chatted until the past couple of years. He was so interesting. He said he knew I was gay all along, we chatted about that, he asked what it was like, what it was like not being attracted to girls, whether I found girls hot at all, and he's just one of those really interested people who tries to hear everyone's opinions and thoughts. Sex came up. He recently had his first time with his girlfriend. He thinks I'm one of those been there, done that types. Talked about family, friends, and school. Lots more too.


Aek said...

A ceremony would be nice! But definitely something to discuss with your guy. Sounds like you'd both want it pretty small and low-key.

fan of casey said...

Very stylish ring. So did you cry when it happened?

It can be a small gathering but you can still make it festive. Dinner and short program. If you don't want a separate venue for the vows, you can have it at reception place.

You still should do some invitations, flowers, get someone to take pictures, dancing, cake, party favors, etc. I've planned a few weddings myself.

Nicholas said...


fan of casey said...

Mike: With Prop 8 gone, go all the way and get married. You will enjoy all the federal benefits. The initial stories I've read said the equivalent domestic partnerships and civil unions won't count for federal marriage benefits, altho that could change as more people analyze the ruling.

So much for the argument that these stand-ins for the real thing are separate but equal.

Remember to do a wedding registry.