Thursday, July 4, 2013


Was pretty amazing. Loved the city. The people were so friendly.

Saw the Sears Tower, Millenium Park, the fountain from Married with Children, Wrigley Field, Magnificent Mile, River North area, and ate at some amazing restaurants.

Pics will come when I get my camera connected to my computer.

Been a busy week.

On a mission this week to try a new recipe everyday. Made a no bake peanut butter pie yesterday. Made zucchini chips the day before.

Getting caught up on my daytime TV - The Chew, Wendy Williams. How you doin, btw? Wendy looks like a man, but she has the gossip going on.

Had a pedi date with my Sissy from work yesterday. Had a blast.

Got new health insurance this week - left Kaiser and am with a new company. Hopefully things will be good. I have an appt with my doc in the middle of the month.

Work training in NorCal next week. Can't wait.


fan of casey said...

Did you have deep dish pizza?

Mike said...

Yes, twice, and once was good, the other was not so great. The first was not 100% true deep dish, but was the better.

Aek said...

I'm glad you had a great time in Chicago!! It's one of my favorite cities. :-) Did you take the "L" everywhere? Can't wait for the pics!

Dean Grey said...

So glad you had a nice time in Chicago, Mike!!