Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bucket List

I remembered a while back there was a post I did where I posted part of my bucket list, and well, I thought I would revisit it as it changed. 

This is what I said back in 2010:

I did get to Spain, Madrid y Malaga, but Barcelona is still on that list, so I consider it half done.

Here's what I've done - Become better at line dancing... I can line dance to Shania Twain's diddies pretty well... the thing about line dancing is I don't know the dances like if you name them, but after watching the steps I can mimic it. It's all about watching and following, and I'm a follower.

The cruise to Alaska we went on was obsessed with Shania line dances.

This was the hardest to dance for me, but I was all over it.

I want to head out to Oil Can Harry's in Silverlake for some more line dancing.

My new bucketlist/goals looks like this:
1. Go to Barcelona
2. Visit all 50 states
3. Teach in another country - even if for a summer 
4. Maybe live abroad in a Spanish speaking country (#3 would suffice)
5. Own a luxary car (Hello, Lexus RX or Acura ILX - my 2 favs)
6. Get married 
7. Own at least 2 properties
8. Drive a big bus
9. Skydive or bungie jump
10. Find a job where I can travel a lot more


Aek said...

You have some random items on your bucket list, lol. You should add one more: visit me!! ;-)

Dean Grey said...


Sounds like an adventurous list!

I would love to visit all 50 states one day too.