Thursday, October 24, 2013

Talking about the presidents

I pronounce things differently than some people, in particular, the boyfriend. I speak very much like I'm from Indiana, which is where I get it from, my dad's family is from there. 

So in class the other day I was talking about something, giving the kids an example of something, and told the kids something along the lines of "WaRshington was the first president." Catch it? 

So the kids started laughing, told me I didn't know how to talk. They asked where I got that from, and well, it went in with the lesson from a few days ago talking about dialect. Gah. LOL. I can't believe that came out, you see, when growing up being around my grandparents so much, I began to talk like they did. Warshington, warsh, Sardee (Saturday), Wensdee (Wednesday), Thursdee (Thursday), and they tried hard to get me to stop that. I did after a while, and well, occasionally it comes out. 

My BF's words are caw-fee, coup-in, awff, cray-ins, and a few other Jersey words. 

So here's a list of words people tell me I say wrong 

Roof - I say "ruff" according to some people... no... 
Measure - I say may-zure
Envelope - onvalope
tour - I say "turr"

And there's a few others, but honestly, those 4 words I say the same way as my grandparents and parents do, and well, it's hard to change, and it's dialect, and it makes people unique.

What are some words you get harrassed, or is it hair-issed, for pronouncing wrong? 

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