Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Timeshare

Some friends let us use their timeshare in the desert last weekend, which was great. We left about 4pm Friday, went to the timeshare, then to our favorite pizza place in the desert. We went to the grocery store for goodies and breakfast items, then relaxed on the patio. Loved it. Perfect temp. 

Saturday we were out and about shopping, and well, we found a car. My partner had been wanting a nice used car, he found a nice, but EXTREMELY high mileage used car we ended up buying. It's a Bimmer. At least I'll get to drive it sometimes, and it really was well kept. 

Saturday night we went to the fish taco place that now had a location in our hotel, then went back to the room, sat on the patio, and then had a bath together with a bottle of wine, that was oh so romantic. LOVED IT. Slept amazingly well.

Sunday was relaxing, lesson planned, watched TV, and headed home. More amazing romance that night. 


fan of casey said...

What happened with that Prius you were looking at awhile ago?

Mike said...

I decided 1 new car is good, then when the novelty wears off I will be in the market for something.

Soul Yaoi said...

Sounds like a very good time! :) I am jealous.