Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Liquid Weekend

Jetted out of work to get to happy hour last Wed. w/ coworkers. What crazies I work with. 3 jack and cokes, a shot of Jaeger, and many hugs with the special ed teacher and queeny English teacher.
Off to dinner and a glass of chardonnay. Dinner at Truxtons. Then off to LAX.

Arrive in Jersey at 7am, head to my partner's parent's house. Take his mom and we go to New Hope Penn. Fun times. Fetish stores. Eclectic crowd. Up to Trenton NJ, then to our hotel. We meet his parents at a restaurant for dinner and several more drinks at the town bar.

Friday funday. Visit crayola factory with Mike's best friend. A couple drinks at bar across street. Made it a double since it really didn't taste like whiskey and coke. Lesson learned, you cannot buy well drinks. Dinner and drinks. Drinks after dinner at the bar by her house - cider beer this time.

Saturday was loco. We drove to NYC. Went to Central Park and a pub nearby for lunch. Went shopping at my favorite store, Century 21, where I bought several ties for work. Por trabajo. Then we went back to the room to get ready for the night. Drink in bar. His friend Kat has some friends we met at Christmas, and we met up with them nearby our hotel at a bar. 2 cosmos for me. Then we go back to get Mike's best friend, and off to a Mexican place for 2 margaritas to add to the night. Off to an Italian place for real dinner and then to Flaming Saddles for line dancing and drinks. Whiskey and coke, then off to Posh for another 2 drinks, and about that time the shirt started coming off. I was shirtless by the time we left, and Mike was so toasted he was touching everyone and flirting big time. A straight bar for a little dance, then a diner for dessert.

Sunday was sleeping in late and heading to the airport. Got lots of planning done on the way home for work. Woo.

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Aek said...

Lol wow, that's a lot of drinking. Perhaps you should cut back, hehe. ;-)