Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trip to Dallas

Finally, people like my partner, and DaninOKC had me jealous about their going to Dallas. I finally made it to see my best friend. The flight was quite late and I got in at 12:30am, but that was fine. Talked for about an hour getting caught up on the way to his house. Saw his house. His kid and wife were asleep.

We were up at 8am Saturday and he made us breakfast burritos. Went to Downtown Dallas and saw the JFK museum, etc. LOVED DOWNTOWN DALLAS. Lots of gays, which surprised me. Went to Joe Garcia in Fort Worth for a super strong Margarita that was made with Everclear (190proof!!!). Knocked him and I on our asses. Back to his house for daiquiris and chatting. Talked about the old neighborhood, friends, when we were young, and briefed his wife. This was the first time seeing him in 3 years, and first time meeting his wife outside of the wedding. Also got onto a conversation about church. She was baptist, my friend was evangelical, and they got to talking about how Christians to them, seem to be the worst people when it comes to taking advantage of another. People throw that term around that I'm a Christian. They also feel the people in their church are also always borrow, borrow, borrow, take, take, take, and there's no give and take relationship. They are basically fed up with the church, and she was a pastor. She said that was a part of the reason she was turned off. There was so much gossip too.

So Sunday came, and we went to Ft. Worth to watch the cattle drive. HAD A BLAST. So fun. Loved the cowboys, the music, the shops, the food. All good, and must go back. We also got to see behind the scenes of where my friend works, which is AWESOME. He is doing quite well for himself, and I'm proud.

Mike picked me up at 9:30, and we talked all the way home.

This week Mike and I went to see about life insurance and name each other beneficiaries, and all that jazz. Good stuff.


Aek said...

I've never been to Dallas (other than the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport, which I hate the layout of). Austin is a great city. I'd love to visit it again!

dan said...

well i was going to say I'm jealous you're going to Mexico City!!!! but, I'm going to El Grullo in July so bien viaje to you my friend! :)