Monday, July 25, 2011

Whirlwind travel weekend for the wedding

- Go to Mike's
- He isn't home from his business trip, so I help myself inside and book my car rental/finalize trip plans
- He gets home about 6:15
- We watch something on TV and talk about each others days
- We leave at 7 to go eat
- Drive by my new school so he could see where my classroom was- but we couldn't go in
- See some crazy drivers as we drive around his city and talk about the airport etc.
- Go to dinner at our Mexican restaurant we like for the mariachis and he makes fun of me for not clapping, but I was, when the music stopped. There were a couple of times they caught me in the middle of scooping up a bite. The guacamole was sooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!
- Decide we should see a movie and head out to the Mills to experience the Mills effect, but it was crowded there, plus Forever 21 was opening and it was a mess
- Head to a different theater
- We saw "FWB" with Justin Timberlake. It was so-so. Too much personality and bad acting.

- The show was at 9:55 and we got out at 11:55, perfect for dropping me off at the airport for my 1am flight
- As we pull up to the curb at the airport I tell him "I SWEAR THAT'S LINDA." I had seen a man who looked like her husband next to her, who turned for a moment, and so we hugged, said goodbye, and kissed, then I go in. He stays at the curb until I confirm it was Linda. As I stood behind them while they were checking in I shook my head to him and texted him it was Linda, which he thought was crazy. Linda turned around and was shocked and surprised I didn't tell her that I was going somewhere. I told her the situation with my friend's wedding and we head up to security for our full body scans. Talk about my new job.
- Get through security, Linda uses restroom, First class gets called, and I board
- Linda realizes where I'm sitting and there was a lot of jealousy, especially after what she paid for the tickets she had
- I wish them a good flight and text my mom that her best friend was on my flight
- Fall asleep ASAP on plane


- Wake up about 30 minutes from Houston
- Connection in Houston where I talk to Linda and her hubby as we walk to our terminals, then say goodbyes
- I find a large bathroom stall for my Superman change where I slip into my suit
- Grab Mickey D's
- On my way to Mississippi
- Get to Mississippi on time at 8:50
- Get my rental car, an awful Hyundai Accent... no power... uncomfortable... seat was hard to see over for a 6' tall guy
- Make my way to the church without navigation... yeah... I'm good like that
- Arrive in time for pictures, see my friend sooooooooooooooooo nervous
- His bride ran up in her wedding dress to give me a hug and thank me for stepping in as usher... I just said not a problem... that's what a best man does
- I was best man and usher... weird combo, but it worked
- Lots of southern belles wanting to be seated by me and wrap their arm around mine
- Wedding is very untraditional as far as some of the things like they both gave speeches, friend washed his girlfriend's feet because of the biblical significance, blessing on face from pastor
- Reception was fun... reeses peanut butter cake was delish for the groom and white cake for bride
- Finally get a moment to talk to the married couple and get my pic with them
- Talk with my cousin's family and extended family
- Couple takes off
- Clean up church and help his grandpa, who is as sharp as a tack, move furniture and clean
- Head back to my friend's house... his mom drives with me and we chat about me coming out there, vacations, cruises
- Back at the house we sit around eating leftovers from the reception and talking/swapping stories about the bride/groom/family
- Watch "Blindside"
- I fall asleep during the parts i hadn't seen... still need to watch it through
- Go downstairs and then go back up a few hours later after we ate some pizza to watch some awful religious passion movie
- Bed about 1:30am after talking to his mom and dad for a few hours after everyone else made it to bed

- Up at 5:10 cutting it very close for my 6:10 flight
- I was out of the house at 5:25
- At the airport at 5:40
- It took maybe 3 minutes to get through airport security, and that was even after chatting with the TSA guy about me being from California and how the dry heat is tough
- Walk up to the ticket counter as they are announcing my boarding group
- On the plane I get to sleep 90 minutes to Chicago
- 4 hour layover - it was supposed to be 2, but crazy thunderstorms and rain delayed us since the plane was stuck in Indianapolis
- I lesson plan during that time and walk around the airport. I feel very good about each unit I plan to teach for the first part of the year... IF I were teaching any other class I would not feel this way and am just blessed to get the position I did.
- On plane at 12 Chicago time. We're about to take off and told we were going to sit on tarmac for timebeing since westbound flights weren't allowed to leave due to weather. We sit an hour on the tarmac before we take off
- Sit next to unpleasant bloated pregnant gal who told me she was pregnant and her baby gave her gas. She had it and made no apologies about passing it.
- Lesson planned more
- Landed at 2:15pm Cali time- we flew up into Minnesota cuz of the rain - long flight - great flight attendants who kept us hydrated and fed.
- BF picks me up and says he wants to go to IKEA
- I asked him if I was supposed to say no, and he said no, he had a plan, so I believed him
- Head down 60 to the 57 and traffic was a mess due to accident @ Brea Canyon and 57 connector
- As we're getting on 57 an ass in a Suburban from Mexico and an Infiniti who were a little late trying to get on the connector road cut in front of us and Mike swerved into the lane next to us where there was oncoming traffic. We nearly plowed into the Suburban and Infiniti. He was pissed off, cussing, honking his horn, flipping them off, which I'd never seen, but was amused, yet scared we were almost in an accident cause of those idiots
- Eat at ELL TOREETO GRILL... icky guac... interesting in a bad way food
- Go to IKEA and figure out accessories for our desks
- Wander around and finally grab the stuff for 2 desks and accessories
- I question the color he chose for the desks, but he tells me his logic. I just was the devils advocate
- Go to car and have to take a chair out of the box to make it fit, but we got about a dozen boxes, my suitcase, and backpack all in the car, which was amazing
- Head to Kohls where we buy sexy undies, a tie for him, and socks for $2 thanks to his coupons and Kohls charge
- Are you falling asleep yet he asks, and laughs
- Help get the desk out of the car
- He goes to work assembling about 7:30 and I fall asleep
- I woke up once to the cat under my chin
- He comes in at 10:40 saying bedtime and shows me what he had done
- Sit in my new desk and was amazed he got both put together in such a short time.... welll... 3 hours
- Brush teeth and go to bed

- Wake up at 7:00 and shower
- Out the door and off to work
- Long day with dumb people who have dumb ideas... lol
- Home now
- Ran into Keith at the gym and I was a bit of an ass, and eventually he just walked away... lol


fan of casey said...

Mike: I'm relieved you and OM escaped potential disaster on the roadway.

Aek said...

Sounds like a pretty eventful couple of days. :-)

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