Monday, September 22, 2014

Stupid Shit. The dog.

So... I was visiting the family "celebrating" my sister's birthday. It was hardly a celebration. I bought her some really nice sports themed gifts that she seemed to enjoy. And well, there's a dog issue... suddenly my parents have new dogs and my sister insists they stay inside... dogs have never been allowed inside. It has limited my visits to the house because my allergies go haywire when I'm there.

So anyways, I'm at the house. I'm in the kitchen and there's a glass candleholder that was on the counter that is like that fake crystal stuff, but glass. Well, part of it broke in half and I guess my mom had the intention of gluing it. Well, she put it on the counter. WTF why? Anyways, I didn't realize it, set my hand down on the counter, and holy shit, I sliced my middle finger all the way down. It hurt like a mother. I take my hand and swat that candleholder into the trash, which is right next to me. Apparently Stupid Shit (the dog's name I gave her) runs away and has a GPS collar that my sister decided to sit there too. So it happened that I swatted 3 small pieces of the collar into the trash. At that point all I care about is my finger. Am I going to go digging in the trash to find Stupid Shit's collar? No. Did I know it was Stupid Shit's collar at the beginning? No. So I go and clean my hand up and put a couple bandaids on it.

I come back out and sit in the chair in the living room. Parents are prepping to go in their bathrooms. Sister starts looking for Stupid Shit's collar and goes to tell my dad I threw it in the trash. Excuse me? I had no idea what she was talking about. I said I didn't know if I did. I told her that I just sliced my hand and if it was over there, then I probably swatted it in the trash. She told me I needed to dig it out of the trash. I said no. She suddenly comes lunging at me. She stands within 12'' of my face and starts screaming at the top of her lungs calling me a stupid idiot and that I don't care about the animals, and I am going to be responsible if they run away, and the animal has never done anything to me. Whatever. The dog comes over near me and I kick it as I'm trying to get up.  Sister then stands back and slugs me across my arm and bruised it nicely. I rush into my old bedroom get my clothes, suddenly my mom is yelling at me about how the dogs have never done anything to me. My sister is yelling about how the dog was abused before they got her, so it was a great thing that I kicked the dog. I get my stuff and walk out and tell my sister that she's a fucking retard.

I go down to the gas station to get gas from my car and with some begging from my dad after he called me I relented and went to my stupid sister's birthday. Honestly I shouldn't have gone, but I went for my dad and to make my sister mad. I stewed about the incident all the way to the venue and debated if I did the right thing. It's a delicate situation - I am in such a good place with my dad right now that I didn't want to cause issue. On the other hand I feel I should have just gone home and made my mom mad that they spent $50 and I didn't attend, and all that jazz. I do think that I won't get together with my parents this week, and when my mom asks why I'm going to say because of the way they let their daughter treat me. I probably won't call after school each day, which will probably be a little lonely. I am sure we will make up, but I just want to be mad for a while I guess. Good thing regardless I won't have to see my sister anytime soon. With my work schedule I rarely have to see her.


fan of casey said...

Sorry to hear about your injury , wishing you a speedy recovery.

Aek said...

Your sister is really something else . . .