Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday mumble

Watching Project Runway. Sandhya is my fav this season.

Looking forward to a weekend getaway. Going to the fair and seeing Jennifer Nettles. Excited.

Hopefully meeting up with our friends J&B.

Currently dreaming of living in NYC one day. I need to make enough to eat out all the time, hang out at the bar, you get the idea.

I made the best Manhattan the other night. Pure deliciousness. And it was strong. Make a good Manhattan, and make me swoon. Oh, btw, daninokc, I know the best place to get a Manhattan in NYC. It's a must. I really want to get in to making custom cocktails. I made my own concoction with pineapple vodka, coconut water, and pear juice. Tasted like a margarita with probably a lot less calories. I am convinced I was a drunk in my past life.

I bought tickets to see my man Luke Bryan the other day. Invited my fav bartender along with Mike and I.

Tempted to sell my car. A coworker at my old school wants to buy my car, will pay top dollar. Mini Cooper as a replacement? Maybe. I doubt I will part with it. I really want an SUV, one that doesn't require gas. Tesla, hurry up, please.

Going to be getting a new boss at work. Not thrilled. I really like my current.

My sister may be getting married. That's the word from my mom. That threw me for a 180. WTF? That mess? Really?

Oh, and someone wake me up at 3am please. I need to buy my iPhone.


dan said...

you and your must have the newest apple thing craze! ha. I may go for that manhattan but my 2 traveling companions are both in recovery, so we may not be going out out much... will see.
enjoy the fair. okc has one too this weekend, not for me though I've deactivated my FBook and will be grading stacks of papers. :) ciao

dan said...

oh, thanks I did't even realize there was a project runway going on again this fall. once I get all the papers caught up I'm going to go back and watch the eps online and catch up. woo hoo ! :)