Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bits of news

That new iPhone is sexy. Damn sexy. I want a 5.5'' because I'm a size queen. That's on my to buy list this month.

So is the watch. I have missed reports on the battery/charging for that.

I tried to watch the address, but I ended up having to go to work.

In other news, Mike's best friend had been visiting for the past week. They went on a cruise this past weekend. I went to visit my cousin in SD with my mom. We had a blast. Wish we were closer distance wise. Took a few ussies to commemorate the occasion. Back to his friend. Had fun seeing Mike's best friend as she's the opposite of Mike in many ways, and feels sorry for the way he torments... haha... or things he does. It's not bad... like he'll poke my leg when we drive, or he'll pull the hair on my leg to be funny. He tried to do that to her. I react, which makes it amusing.

Need a weekend getaway STAT.

Also need to do brunch/hang out with my former coworkers. Miss them like crazy.

Work has been crazy because of a coworker making drama and internalizing everything. Some people need to get over themselves. I am keeping my distance, but it has caused me to have to recreate my entire course.

I'm on a folksy/oldies kick lately. Here's what I'm listening to at the moment:

Eric Burdon has a SoCal hangout I want to go back and visit - kind of a weird bar in the middle of nowhere. Visited on a random road trip one weekend. Its outside of 29 Palms.

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