Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Alert me when I'm near

So I'm a nerd. I have places I want to visit, but I know we won't go out of our way to visit. Someone needs to create an app for when I'm near one of those points in NY where if I'm near I can decide to walk down to.

I mainly want to visit celeb houses and hangouts, and if I'm near, then great. Some people whose houses/apts. it would be interesting to see include:

- Truman Capote
860-870 U.N. Plaza.

- Edgar Allan Poe

- Mark Twain
14 West 10th Street
21 Fifth Avenue
Chelsea Hotel  <--janis joplin="" p="" too="">
- John Steinbeck
38 Gramercy Park N.
330 East 51st street
206 E 72nd St

Joan Baez
Washington Square Hotel (formally Hotel Earle) 101 Waverly Place

The El Dorado — 300 Central Park West <--moby span="" too="">
San Remo Apartments —145-146 Central Park West

Bob Dylan
161 West 4th st. 

Jimi Hendrix
55 West 8th near Sixth Avenue
59 West 12th Street
61 Jane Street

Billy Joel and Idol
The Brentmore—88 Central Park West <--sting span="" too="">

John Lennon
434 East 52nd Street

Carly Simon
The Langham—135 Central Park West

Cary Grant - Warwick Hotel

Katherine Hepburn 244 East 49th Street

Marilyn Monroe - 444 East 57th St, 13th floor.
569 Lexington Ave

I should probably create an offline map I can look at while in NY to be able to remember the places I want to go. I just need to figure out how to create the map or alert...

Nerdy me ;)

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dan said...

wow, thanks or the list, I couldnt' find anything like this before my trip. I'm going to bookmark this for next time around! ha, 75 1/2 Bedford st, narrowest house in NYC and former homne of Edna st vincent millay and cary grant. ha