Thursday, December 25, 2014

This Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

Started off Xmas Eve at a swanky hotel in the area getting our photos taken by the music teacher from my old school - he is a photographer on the side. Photos turned out well I think. My sister was in a mood the whole time. She didn't want her photo taken, she wanted to go to bed, she didn't see why we had to do this. It was part of my mom's Christmas gift, so tough it out, dumb bitch sister. My mom was so annoyed with my sister after a while that my mom spanked her and said that she was going to behave or she was not going to have a good afternoon. THAT MADE MY CHRISTMAS. It wasn't hard, but it was hard enough. She shaped up, and was good after that. Sis returned to moody after.

Soooo... my dad and I hung out this afternoon, talked, drove around and ran errands.

My dad made dinner.

My sister is apparently selling a bunch of random shit on craigslist, and we had a constant influx of people coming to buy things she was selling. She sold a jewelry box, chopped wood, and something else. There was some guy who came as we were opening gifts to pick up something.

So I really don't get my sister. She got me a 5lb bag of jawbreakers, which I gave to my mom. I don't need all that candy laying around. Every gift she gives she has to use an index card to write some snarky comment, or inside joke, or something that doesn't make sense. I guess maybe she gave me jawbreakers a few years ago because the card said "don't you need a refill?" My sister was giving my parents their christmas gifts back in mid November. She I guess bought them a Kitchenaid mixer. Last year she gave my parents a camera and put some snarky index card on it. Tonight she gave my dad tongs and my mom a bag of jelly beans. WTF?

My sister used every opportunity she could to paint me as a polar opposite of her - I only care about material things, fashion, celebrities, and she is a saint who gives back and helps everyone. She loves her animals. She threw a fit that I scare the dogs when I am around and how the dogs had to be outside because I was there. Dumb bitch.

Apparently she is collecting kitchen utensils and received a lot for Christmas. She still lives at home? I don't know.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful - I told my parents this back at the beginning of November. They were insistent I gave a list of what I wanted for Christmas. I listed stores I liked and didn't like. I listed brands I liked and didn't like. I gave internet links. I told my parents I would rather have things on my list, or a really nice gifts, and not a bunch of things I wouldn't use. I mentioned a few specifics I wanted - a few pairs of Vans shoes, a couple scarves along with links/photos of prints I liked. What did I get? Horrific Burlington Coat Factory shirts and sweaters. The sweaters are godawful and weigh a few pounds each with all the yarn used to knit them. Do you know how impossible it is to return anything at Burlington without a receipt, even if the tag is still fully intact? It is crazy hard. Did I make it too hard by listing things I liked and didn't like? My mom said she was worried I will freeze in NY. I got an electronic hand warmer that can be charged by USB. I got a bunch of thermal shirts and long underwear and knit gloves. I told her I don't freeze like she does. I don't like sweaters that weigh 10 pounds. She asked me after we opened gifts if she did a good job picking out gifts for me. I told her no. I felt bad saying it. I said I don't like the Burlington clothing. I said I want a few nice gifts from places I like - even if i is not stuff on my list. I like a few surprises. I got a few, and told her those were my favorite. She gave me some mixes for cooking etc. But I guess my question is how do you tell your parents to lay off on the gifts, or at least get you stuff you like? I probably sound ungrateful. I know. I tried to tell her in the nicest way I appreciate the thought...


j.lee said...

don't feel bad. my family did the same thing. asked me for a list, i sent links and then they sent a gift card, 6 lbs of coffee and a Japanese coffee maker that I have no space for in my small kitchen. i sent them gifts off of their list and yet i come across as ungrateful. ugh.

Buddy Bear said...

My parents were exactly the same when I was your age (20s). They would give me clothes from Sears' "Arnold Palmer" line; green golf pants with matching plaid shirts.

They were so terrible that I refused to even try them on, even once. I told them year after year what sort of presents I preferred (ie: carpentry or power tools from Homo Depot, for example).

Eventually, my parents started to give me tools as presents, usually picked out by my father who knew exactly which tools I needed. Loved them!

ps: your sister sounds like she's bipolar.