Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My NY Wear

And my quintessential NY song to go with it.

My clothes surely aren't as exciting as Dan's - I love the color of his, and his shoes. His shoes he is bringing along put mine to shame. Probably my Guess black boots with laces and a pair of dress shoes. Going to bring my peacoat that I don't get to wear enough.

Undershirts to match... lol. Going to wear sweaters over the shirts - a navy blue sweater, purple, and pink.


dan said...

maybe it was clark gable, not grant....oops

dan said...

matching undershirts, oh my! you'll feel great in a button up, very nyc. most people only saw my coat and scarf on my trip, but you're doing more social things than me where you're inside without the coat. ha! I almost bought a bunch of button up shirts for work, but never made the time to go shop for 'em. alas.