Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hateful coworkers

I came home nearly in tears today. I didn't tell my partner who asked me how my day was over text. I told him about the assembly we had instead. I didn't tell him about the shit I put up with at work. I was just accepted to serve on the committee for the state, and the principal sent out a congratulatory email. 4-5 people sent me a congratulations, but 6-7 people decided to give me major shit over it. I heard what a brown noser, ass kisser, and pet I was. I heard how I am just there as a stepping stone, how I don't care about the kids, how I am so far up people's ass. I didn't do anything other than apply to an email the head of curriculum for the district sent out. One idiot decided to tell me how I didn't deserve the position and have't worked as hard as he has, and don't know how my school works, people just don't do that. Manbitch gave me a hard time, suck up didn't look at me, whatever, you ass, people are a lot like you who sit on your lazy ass for 13 years. Whatever. I just had such a hard time dealing with these assholes. It took its toll on me. I stormed around all evening trying to forget.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your success