Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I hate to work in a place where all the other employees backstab each other. Many workplaces have these sort of people, and where I work is not immune.

We have a gossip who is constantly stirring up the pot about things she "heard." Rumors start and end through her.

We have the bombshell in the corner who takes everything that goes on in, then goes off to the teacher he shares a room with to report, and report all that takes place to admin.

There's the Antisocial Trust Fund asshole who sits in the corner and talks about his trust fund, and how he lives in such a dangerous area. Contradiction much?

There's the Manbitch, as he is called, who calls everyone out, bitches about everything.

We have "the groupies" as they are called by the gossip. You have to be invited to sit at their table at lunch, it is an honor and privilege to talk to them. You have to 3 people at this table who spread and swirl the rumors. They're the first to call out everyone's wrongs - both admin and teachers. They're the first to call in sick without sufficient time to get a sub, yet when I do it - because I have a legitimate reason it is construed that I am "taking advantage of the system." They're the first to make judgmental comments about everything taking place. They call out anyone who doesn't do their job up to par, and they're the ones who don't in the first place!

There's the in-crowd, the ones who are like wolves clamoring for power. We have 4 of those, and they are at admin's beck and call for everything. I don't want to be one of those.

I have been put on an admin track at my school, am volunteering for extra duties, etc. I am being sent to conferences and trainings because I work, because I apply what I learn into my classroom. I have been asked to lead several staff meetings in the coming month. I am friends with the gossip - she knows I'm not trying to be part of the in-crowd because I'm wise, and know that power can be lost at the turn of a hat. She knows I'm not trying that hard to be a showoff. I just like the perks that come with doing a good job. She won't talk about me behind my back or spread any rumors. Trust Fund and Manbitch will say I'm a suck up. The groupies are going to say I'm on the in-crowd, that I'm on the incrowd, and maybe I am, and maybe it'll further ostracize me to these people that I don't want to have any association with. All of this because I work hard, and I am seizing the perks of my job.

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dan said...

amen Mike! don't be concerned with any of them, focus A 1 just do your job right, let your work and knowledge speak for itself! good man! :)