Monday, June 15, 2015

Some biz going on in my life

Let's see...

Summer classes for my admin credential are going fine. I'm ahead, so that's good, I am actually able to have a summer.

Still working on the state project. LOTS more to go, but going to work hard to knock a lot out tomorrow and Wednesday.

Friday I was in a fender bender getting off the freeway - I was at the stop, the guy didn't see me until the last moment, and plowed into me. It literally bent the fender of my car. I was driving my partner's luxury SUV. Wasn't my fault. Insurance has been great. I was so worried my partner would be upset, but he's glad since the car has a lot of miles and the headlights on the lift gate should match again... haha.

Spent the weekend shopping.

Last night my mom sent me a terrible text I didn't want to hear. I heard about a month and a half ago that Momma P had been using a breathing tube at night. Friday night she had a heart attack, and died Saturday afternoon about 4pm. I was stunned. I wanted to cry, and it was everything to hold back tears. This woman's legacy is incredible. She always wanted her hug, and I can still hear her raspy voice saying "gimme a hug." She was always so cheery. She always asked my mom how I was. I can't believe she is gone. She was the heart of all of the staff get togethers. My mom still meets them monthly, but I look forward to the updates. Momma knew everything about everyone. I'm saddened even further I probably won't be able to make the funeral since I have had vacation plans for 6, and can't cancel, otherwise I'm not going to be able to meet up with my partner and his friend. I think the last time I saw Momma was about a year and a half ago - maybe when my mom had a get together at the buffet with all the staff. I feel like I've seen her more recently, but now it is escaping me. That's one part of my schedule at work that bites. I can't go to the getogethers. It is going to feel strange not hearing about her, and knowing she truly is gone.

Last night I also sold my car. The first car I bought independent of my parents. The guy who bought it was about 22. He gave me about $800 more than I could get trading it in. Woo.

Gonzo and I got together today. I haven't seen her in probably a year. I saw her when she was student teaching. She and my dad went to IHOP. I had resources to give her since she will be a first year teacher this coming year. I got to meet her daughter who was only 3-4 months old at the time. So happy for Gonzo, and so excited that she finally got her teaching job!!!

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