Saturday, May 30, 2015

Avoiding my family

I call my parents each day as I am leaving work. I called them Tuesday night and was annoyed. My mom was complaining about this or that, and whether or not we could get together this week. I called her Wed night because it was her birthday, but only spoke for about 2 minutes, then I cut the call short because I was annoyed, and was getting into the car.

I got a text from my dad while at work Thursday saying they wanted to meet me in the city I work, and asked what restaurants were around. I mentioned all restaurants but TGI Fridays. I hate Fridays. My parents love it. I asked if we had to go there, and if we could go to Chilis. My mom doesn't like Chilis, and my dad said "NO." There's a BJ's in the city I work, and one a few cities away. Suddenly they asked if I wanted to go to the BJ's a few cities away. When you were just telling me about coming over to near where I work why are we going that far out? NO. My dad texted asking if the time could be made later. I said I have to be home by 7:30, and that was that.

It feels weird that I didn't call them Friday, but you annoyed me, and I'm still annoyed.

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