Friday, October 30, 2015

Long days

I am busier than ever right now when it comes to work. I think that's obvious with the topics of my recent posts.

I am pulling anywhere between 7 and 12 hour days at work. I am the testing coordinator now, intervention teacher, and acting principal in the evenings, in addition to just teaching my classes. No, I'm not getting any extra pay for it. A lot of it "falls under" what I have to do for my admin credential fieldwork, so it is just volunteer so to speak, or voluntold.

I come home and am working on my school work for my credential. Discussion board posts are the bane of my existence since I am not a procrastinator. I get my shit done weeks in advance and have to wait until usually Saturday night when the rest of the class gets around to posting their posts, which are due by midnight Saturday.

I still make time to make it to the gym in the morning. I'm down to 161 pounds, from 170, which is awesome.

My weekends have mostly been taken up with visiting friends.

Its funny, this is the most I have worked in a long time, and the busiest I've been. Usually it is my partner who is traveling, working a lot. The tides have changed, and now it is me. It feels weird. It feels weird, especially when I am not making big bucks for my work. It is ok because this is only temporary. I just know I don't want this to continue too long. Being an admin I don't think is for me.

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Aek said...

Busy busy!! I hope you're doing well. :-)