Monday, December 14, 2015

Winding Down

This month has been tough - I have been super busy at work. I will be the first to admit I work in the ghetto, and I don't use that term lightly because of the stuff I see and hear on a daily basis. There was a guy pushing a cart of scrap metal down the street the other day going with traffic if that gives you an example.

Though I work at an alternative school I have to say the group of kids I have right now are among the smartest/highest performing I have ever taught. I am sad that when we come back in January I won't have them anymore. They all have been so sweet, so willing to learn. They have actually challenged me. We were reading a random poem that was related to our unit a few weeks back, and my goal with using it was simply for comprehension. These kids brought up the diction... who uses those words?!... then the rhyme scheme. I had to take a step back when they mentioned this and quickly think on my feet to handle this.

Our Christmas tree is up. Presents need to be wrapped.

I have had almost no motivation to work on my admin credential this month - I will on Friday - that's my goal. I already had a mess up as I was supposed to go to a meeting on Friday regarding this. Now it will be at least February before I finish the credential since I missed the December meeting. I really didn't mean to. I had known about the meeting for a month. I had it on my calendar - I just switched from Mac to Google Calendars, so I'm thinking the event didn't transfer over. Oh well, I admit that I missed it, and take responsibility. It happens.

I plan to get my name out there once I finish my credential and try to teach a few college classes. I need something to keep me busy now.

I got an award at work the other day, which was pretty cool/surprising. A few people there appreciate me.

Haven't really seen my parents/been to dinner with them in months since I have taken on so many admin duties. I have been meeting my dad for breakfast weekly. I saw my mom last at the Christmas party I blogged about a few weeks back, Thanksgiving, and then maybe around Halloween.

I did go to lunch with my parents/sister on Veterans Day. I remember that. I remember the conversations my ssister had...
- My sister has a photographic memory, which is why she is able to tell me all the streets she takes to get to work... I thought repetition, and simply driving the same way each day would do that for you.
- Aristotle is sexy and her BFF.
- There's no way I'm a good teacher because I use too many red herrings. It is funny she brought that up because my roommate (the other teacher I share a room with) was just teaching about those the day before.
- I rpobably haven't read anything intelligent ever because I can't hold intellectual conversations like she can. Well sis, I don't always engage in conversations like you do where I have to be the know it all.
- I don't read quality literature and science fiction, so I don't have any creativity.

She is a piece of work. She should be a Nobel PRize winner by now or something.

Looking forward to Christmas. It is going to be a new experience since I will be with my partner's family. I am looking forward to a new experience. This will be our first CHristmas we have actually spent together. Usually I arrive the day before or after Christmas to be with him.

A little disappointed we won't make it to NYC this year. It has been a year!!! :(


Anonymous said...

Good update, from fan of casey

Aek said...

I would love to see a pic of your Christmas tree! And I suppose it's reassuring to know that your sister hasn't changed in all this time?

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