Tuesday, December 1, 2015

LA Morning News has become unwatchable


I never knew how much Garth's impact made an impact on how watchable the morning news was. Bri Winkler has the personality of a wet sponge with no personality - "oh that's lovely, that's beautiful." Did you see how bad she was during the Spark of Love Toy Drive? Alysha DelValle carries the show now. Kristen Aldridge is still unwatchable and doesn't have any chemistry with the rest of the staff.

I can watch KTLA between 4 and 7, but Ginger Chan always seems so distant and doesn't have much chemistry with the rest of the talent. I love Henry and don't mind Megan Henderson.

KTLA is more watchable now that Jessica Holmes is on maternity leave. I hope she decides to not come back. No joke.

She needs to do something with her hair. She needs to get a more mature look. She needs to get a personality.

If Lynette Romero were on, it would be much more watchable.
EEEW... as I was writing this I flipped to KTLA and saw Blond Dumb was on. I'm flipping to CBS This Morning.


I despise Whit Johnson - he doesn't seem to know alot. He just seems like a pretty boy who we are supposed to think is cute. Daniela Guzman is always absent it seems and Michelle Valles if filling in. Alexis DelChiaro doesn't resonate with me, she is just dumb. She just talks about mindless stuff. Look at her demo reel. And who is this weather girl Shanna? She is on a lot, as
are a lot of other strange looking people KNBC is finding.

The news writing is not bad, and I like the whole "while you were sleeping" thing


I can stand Rick and Sharon. I like Stephanie Simmons. Rick and Sharon have been around in LA for a long time. Sharon has been here since the mid 90s, and we expect her to not be the smartest, but she has an LA look to her.

Evelyn Taft is relatively smart, and may be good looking, and I can take it.
I just wish they had more reporters on KCBS in the morning for more live and local coverage.

Stephanie seems smart and owns it.


I can't stand the 7-9 bimbos - Araksya Karapeteyan and Lisa Breckenridge and Maria Sansone. Their format where they give opinions on the story is terrible considering these ladies know nothing.

Maria Sansone just creeps me out. Those eyes.

And why is Rick Dickert back in studio in the mornings? I like him in the helicopter. He carries the show and makes KTTV watchable between 4:30 and 7. He's got looks and personality, and is a SHARP dresser. This morning he had on black pants, a shirt and tie, and sweater. He looked quite dapper.

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