Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The new position - thoughts

Work ---
While on vacation in the Caribbean I had a voicemail from 3 different leaders at my school/in the district asking me to take a temporary position outside of the classroom at my school due to a shit storm that occurred at it and another school prior to going off on break. I agreed because it is good experience and when a district office person asks you to do something, you do it.
So I've been out of the classroom for the better part of a month. My new position is not bad. I have all of the qualifications and skills necessary to do the job. It involves little student interaction, which I'm told with how terrible my classes are right now, that is a good thing. Long term, I'm not sure about that...
The position could become permanent - we will find that out as the year progresses.
In my last post where I summarized my work life I have had a few more thoughts...

I am taking all of this in stride - not being pretentious - knowing it isn't necessarily permanent. If I decide to make it permanent my goal will be to get a part time gig teaching at a college to have some interaction with students/people. I am working on putting in applications at various colleges, which is a step in the right direction.

I am becoming pretty good friends with the new VP since we're working in close quarters. If I had to work under him we would make a good team. We both think alike and often I am doing the work before he even asks for it, and a couple times went back to check my work. When I showed I knew what I was doing and was doing everything correctly, he backed off and just let me run the necessary reports.

If the older new VP becomes principal I will most certainly move out of the classroom. The only reason he doesn't bother me is that he sees how hard I work, but he is harassing a lot of teachers, has a lot of grievances against him, and not the teachers he should be targeting. It would be easier to work in the new position under him than as a teacher.

A couple things could open up where I would go back into the classroom and do the AM shift.

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