Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Too valuable

My Me Time has been lacking lately. It has been go, go, go nonstop.

Last weekend was great - I was at an English Conference and presented on a topic I'm passionate about. I had a great reception overall. I had 16 participants in my workshop, which was awesome. All were friendly, inquisitive, and hopefully came away with something. Great way to build my resume.

I had an amazing time in that I also met up with one of my Wine Women unexpectedly from the State Board I partook. I also saw a guy, Thom, whom I met at the State Board conference. Sat at the bar talking for hours.

Back at work I'm doing 2 jobs for the pay of one. I basically told my principal today that I will do both jobs, but you'll be getting a bill. I'm going back in the classroom and doing some of the duties of the new position. He was agreeable. He also told me I am "too valuable that he doesn't know what to do with me." I am good in the classroom, but doing the position I've been doing outside of the classroom, he said. He said I don't have any discipline problems with students, the kids like me, I have 2 contrasting and valuable degrees that reflect my teaching assignment. In the new assignment I was successful in coordinating various activities around the campus, and the most important one had one of the best success rates in recent years. He doesn't know if he wants to keep me in the classroom, or out. He doesn't know if he wants to modify my assignment to 50/50.

I really don't know what the future holds with the position at work - everyday I am open to trying new things, am willing to work, and well, that's what I do. I know all of it is good experience, and will hopefully get me somewhere good. Ultimately this comes down to me - if I choose to accept/apply for the position that I am doing. I just hope that by not accepting it I don't get shitlisted if that's what I choose.

Anyways, crazy hours because of work- missed my hour massage last month, as well as this month. Have a 2 hour planned for me this month. My hands, feet, and neck really need it. Chiropractor too - I just feel out of whack, and my hands need adjusted.

Oh, and to top things off, I have lost my voice by the time I get home 3 nights in a row. I feel completely fine, but my voice just feels fragile.

So that sums me up for the past few weeks.

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Thanks for the update.