Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On being too valueable

You'll recall my last post about my principal saying I am "too valuable." That phrase has been in my mind for the past week. I do work hard when I am at work. I do try to do my best. I know there's room for improvement. I could listen to the kids more, I can do more checking for understanding with my students, I can integrate more technology. There's lots of room for improvement.

I recognize I'm valuable as a team player, in helping kids learn, in helping the school's mission. I guess too valuable shows I'm versatile, but I feel like there's other teachers who could/are as valuable. My roommate is as valuable as I am - no doubt in my mind. She is as proficient, if not more, in technology. She has more experience even in the new role as she has done that job prior. She isn't being called upon, though. There's another teacher who is working on articulation agreements and public relations with local colleges, she is definitely valuable. Maybe I'm just overanalyzing the situation. I guess part of it too is that I'm a favorite, and well, I am surprised, considering I don't ass kiss, and am constantly critical of the principal/VP.

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